Pueblo Riverwalk

Pueblo Riverwalk

The Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo (HARP) is a 32 acre urban waterfront experience open to the public daily. The Riverwalk returned the river to its historic location in the heart of downtown Pueblo, after being diverted in the 1920s due to a devastating flood that destroyed much of Pueblo. The Riverwalk’s current location serves the community by revitalizing a segment of the downtown area that was previously unsightly and unusable. This urban development transforms the community and has been vital in attracting new businesses, thereby helping to stabilize the economic base of the city.

The Arkansas River has been the lifeblood of Pueblo for over 300 years. Native Americans followed the river for hunting and trapping. Early settlers came as sheepherders and cattlemen. Agriculture blossomed in Pueblo’s warmer climate and the steel industry used the bountiful water resources to build a massive manufacturing center. Four nations have claimed ownership over the Arkansas River at the current location of the Riverwalk; Mexico, Spain, France and the Republic of Texas

Veterans' Bridge

As the "Home of Heroes,” Pueblo has the opportunity to recognize all Veterans in our community. This walkway across the Riverwalk water links  Veterans Organizations of Pueblo and ALL VETERANS!

The seal of ALL branches; the seal of ALL veteran’s organizations, and the names of ALL veterans can be a permanent part of the bridge display on Pueblo's Riverwalk. Just like the service nameplate, your veteran can be recognized on the bridge. Any branch, any duty, any time, a veteran honorably discharged can be added to the nameplate display for a $150.00 donation.

Please fill out the form and bring it to the HARP Authority  Office located at 125 Riverwalk Place, Monday thru Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

Walks Among the Stars


 By John McGary depicts a  Lakota Woman, displaying her heirloom star quilt. As the Indian Wars ended and the North Plains tribes faced relocation to reservations the Sioux women began making patchwork quilts as replacement for traditional buffalo robes. The star of sunburst designs on the quilts were a continuation of earlier symbolic hide painting. Today the quilt is a symbol of prestige, sentiment, belonging and status with the contemporary Lakota culture.

Become a "STAR" at the Riverwalk. Engraved pavers are available for placement in the Plaza surrounding this outstanding sculpture.  This offering is your opportunity to display your name, your families name or your business as a proud supporter of The Riverwalk.  


Please fill out the form and bring it to the HARP Authority  Office located at 125 Riverwalk Place.